If you can afford the procedure, go for it, it changes your life!

Ann Lefevre

from Worcester Park

I was able to return to work within two days following each procedure. Mr Qureshi and his team should be immensely proud of the work they do.

Rosemary Ralls

from Uxbridge

I was delighted with Mr Qureshi and would recommend him to anyone.

Jane Marshall

from Essex

Procedure was painless as promised and the staff were very caring. Mr Qureshi took time to explain the procedure and answer any questions.

Kathryn Owen

from Dorset

“The staff at the London Eye Hospital were professional, thorough and precise. It was not a decision I had taken lightly; like most people, I was a little fearful of undergoing an operation on my eyes. However, my vision has improved immeasurably, liberating me, and giving me a bright future to look forward to. My father would be so very proud.”

Galyna Salova

from London

The staff were very professional and above all welcoming and friendly.

June Ann Roberts

from Bracknell

I appreciated being able to talk during the procedure as it helped me relax.

Rebecca Compton

from Sudbury

Thank you for re-opening our vistas.

Angela and Peter Bradbury

from London

I was very impressed by your very professional and caring staff who had time to answer all the questions that we had, thank you.

Valerie Voakes

from Bognor Regis

I was diagnosed with cataracts and chose LAL as they offered a solution plus the added benefit of not wearing spectacles.

Mr Bobby Qureshi is efficient and approachable. I can see perfectly now and would advise patients to go for it!


from Cuckfield

Treatments & Services

Trifocal lens

The London Eye Hospital is now able to offer you the next generation of multifocal intraocular lenses (IOL’s) – the trifocal. This implant gives patients a better chance to enjoy clear vision at all distances with maintained contrast sensitivity and lower visual disturbance. The older generation multifocal lenses offer clear distance and near vision, however…

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Verion Surgery- Artificial Intelligence

In a technological breakthrough  the London Eye Hospital has become the first in the country to begin using an ‘Artificial Intelligence’ machine that TALKS to existing equipment, reducing margins of error to an almost negligible low. The innovative Verion machine is used during all stages of cataract removal and Intraocular Lens replacement procedures, planning the…

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What is AMD? Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a disease of the retina. End-Stage AMD is the most advanced form of the disease and the leading cause of irreversible vision loss and legal blindness in individuals over the age of 65. In early, less advanced AMD, visual symptoms are generally mild and may or may…

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Symfony Lens

TECNIS® Symfony IOL is the first and only presbyopia-correcting extended range of vision IOL. It delivers a continuous full range of high quality vision with reduced incidence of halos and glare comparable to a multifocal IOL. The Symfony lens, which treats presbyopia (age-related long-sightedness) is implanted into the eye during a normal cataract operation. In most…

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Introducing the

London Eye Hospital

With state-of-the-art facilities in Harley Street and Wimpole Street – right in the heart of London’s internationally-acclaimed medical district – the London Eye Hospital is a dedicated ophthalmic hospital treating all eye conditions and caring for patients from all around the world.

We offer the very best in patient care, comfort and service and use the most advanced, proven techniques and technology – often unavailable elsewhere – to deliver freedom from glasses and contacts. Our comprehensive treatments also extend to retinal and plastic surgery. Above all, we make sure we fully understand your condition and lifestyle before identifying a range of treatment options – and then help you choose the best one for you.

Our ophthalmic surgeons are the most experienced and highly qualified in their field. All new patients are allocated a UK-trained consultant chosen to match their specific needs – backed up at all times by our specialist nursing team.

Whether you are attending for your first consultation, or day-case surgery and follow-up appointments, the London Eye Hospital offers easy access by rail, road and air – plus the chance to combine your visit with all that London has to offer.


London Eye Hospital

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