Kay talks how the Trifocal Lens implant changed her life

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Having visited a high-street clinic and booked an appointment for implants only to be told that she was not suitable for the procedure left Kay distraught.

Kay says: My eyesight was absolutely awful – I could just about make out outlines of objects without my glasses, but no detail whatsoever. I had to give up doing things I loved, such as swimming, and some activities weren’t even worth thinking about. 

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She booked an appointment with Ophthalmic Surgeon Bobby Qureshi, who assured her that she was in fact the perfect patient for Freedom from Glasses Programme. During the consultation, it was decided that the LEH Trifocal lens was perfect for her needs.

Mr Bobby Qureshi, London Eye Hospital’s Medical Director says: Kay was understandably concerned that we wouldn’t be able to help her, and when we told her that she was an ideal candidate for the LEH Trifocal lens, she was over the moon.

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The procedure is performed in a matter of minutes using the Femtosecond laser, which allows a needle-free surgery.

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In a matter of three minutes we had removed Kay’s lens and implanted the intraocular lens through an incision of less than 1.5mm.

The LEH Trifocal lens is suitable for anyone in their late 30s or older who has long or short sight, even if they have astigmatism.

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Kay continues: “I had to resist the temptation to rip off the eye guard before time! The world has suddenly opened up to me. The London Eye Hospital is amazing and I have them to thank for the new me.”

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