London Eye Hospital Trust Charity Initiative for AMD Patients

The London Eye Hospital is delighted to announce that, at the request of the London Eye Hospital Trust, it will offer the revolutionary EyeMax Mono lens treatment at cost price. This initiative serves two purposes: firstly, we will be able to treat sufferers of Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) who previously may not have had access to treatment due to price; additionally, the lower cost could mean that EyeMax Mono will be proven to be a cost-effective treatment for government healthcare systems including the NHS, potentially benefiting millions of AMD sufferers.

AMD is the most common cause of blindness in the over 55s in the developed world. It damages the macula, which is a small area near the centre of the retina. As this area degenerates, it eventually causes the sufferer to experience total loss of central vision. The EyeMax Mono lens is a low-risk procedure which gently magnifies images and diverts them to multiple healthier parts of the eye. Research at MIT and Harvard has shown how the brain can adapt to use different parts of the macula in AMD patients.  EyeMax mono is unique in that AMD sufferer’s brain could subconsciously adjust to use any part of the macula simultaneously,  providing clearer images and edge-to-edge vision. This simple, yet cutting-edge, five-minute procedure has the potential to save the sight of millions worldwide.

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