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Femtosecond Laser – Cataract Surgery

The London Eye Hospital on Harley Street is proud to introduce the next generation of cataract surgery to the UK.

The Femtosecond Laser brings micron level accuracy, needle-free, blade-free surgery to the public and is the greatest breakthrough in cataract surgery in the last 25 years. It has the potential to carry out lens extraction or cataract surgery through a pin-prick incision and is far safer and superior to current cataract surgical techniques.


The Femtosecond Laser brings a new level of precision to these surgical steps through a number of high-tech features:

  • Real-time video imaging with integrated OCT. Provides three-dimensional visualization of the eye during the procedure.
  • Curved patient interface. Designed for patient comfort, ease of use and optimal laser performance
  • Intuitive touch screen graphic user interface. Allows each step of the procedure to be easily planned, customized and executed.
  • True image-guided surgical planning. Enables the surgeon to precisely program the size, shape and location of each incision.


Studies show that Femtosecond laser application in liquefaction, capsulorhexis and corneal incisions was safe and effective. The all-laser cataract surgery will increase safety and efficiency of cataract removal. Laser optimization will further improve the effectiveness in liquefying dense cataract.

Imagine a device which can create a 3-dimensional micron level scan of your eye and then dissolve your cataract in 10 seconds without making a cut into the surface of the eye. No-needles, no-blades just perfect precision surgery. This is Femtosecond Laser Lens Extraction Surgery- the safest cataract surgery in the world today. Available first at the London Eye Hospital on Harley Street by Mr. Bobby Qureshi.

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