QuadFocal. The most beautiful lens implant yet.

A QuadFocal lens implant at the London Eye Hospital is as close as you can get to perfection. It means applying make up at close range has never been easier, reading has never been clearer and freedom from glasses never more beautiful. Free from glasses. For life.

The procedure is fast, pain free and the results are plain to see as well as being immediate. Just imagine, no more rummaging for glasses each time your near distance sight is lacking, no more looking like you’re playing a trombone with your phone so you can focus on the screen. No more glasses.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that once you pass 40, the chances of having Presbyopia skyrockets. And if you’re part of the baby boomer generation, you’ll know that you won’t be alone, with over 24 million sufferers just in the UK. Statistically, if you’re over the age of 40, you’re likely to own at least one pair of glasses already.

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Most people have already heard of trifocal, which improves near, intermediate, and distance vision. QuadFocal is the next generation, doing all of the above and more, adding even closer vision.

The truth is, you’re not too old to have 20/20 vision, and our world-class surgeons will take you through every step of the process at consultation stage.

It’s easy to forgive thinking that there is nothing you can do. It’s simply a case of, what was previously the ‘best’ was simply not good enough. Thankfully, things are changing. So come and see for yourself at the London Eye Hospital in Harley Street, a centre for medical excellence.


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